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Tooth 'n Dagger Article 500k PDF

Age Article, 29th July, 2008 320k PDF

MELBOURNE E-Mail List Melbourne Bike Polo Flickr Photo's
Every Sunday 1pm - Dark, Carlton Gardens Carpark (When there's no cars parked there)
Tuesday's 6:30pm - IKEA rooftop

Bike Polo Ball, $6 (Melbourne CBD pickup only till I sort out how to mail them :)

Sydney Sydney Bike Polo League

Vancouver, East Van Bike Polo Flickr

New York Portland Seattle, Boise, London, Too many rules!

How to Make Mallets

CITY RIDER GUIDE, Melbourne A3 500k
urbanbicyclist street stencil project
City Rider Guide Lite, Melbourne A4 900K
City Rider Guide, Sydney A3 500k
Critical Mass Leaflets Melbourne, A4 700k
DRAFT Vancouver City Rider Guide 11" x 17" 2.3MB
Submission to Government Road Rage Inquiry

City Rider Guide tips n tricks have appeared in:
Cheap Thrills - Melbourne, street press, every fortnight
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Bicycle Gold Coast Newsletter

Bike Fun prolific events, every month... Subscribe - international messenger photogtrapher extraordinaire
Cranky Sundays
1 Bike Scene
MDMA - Melbourne District Messenger Association
Melbourne BUG Municipal Advocacy Group
Melbourne Cyclist Forums
Bicycle Victoria State Level Organisation, Insurance, Rides, Campaigns
Add Critical Mass to your Google Calendar
Human Power Cycles, Brunswick
Tri Sled Recumbents, Dromana

Fixed Vancouver
Momentum Magazine
Bike Sense, Bike Skills Manual
Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition
TransLink, Public Transport

Portland Hosts International "Towards Carfree Cities" Conference, June 2008
Zoo Bomb
Bike Portland
TriMet, Public Transport
Axles of Evil, Portland Bike Polo
Portland United Messenegr Association

Bicycle Messengers of Tokyo, Japan

CICLE - Cyclists Inciting Change thru LIVE Exchange
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